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What We Do For You

We appreciate your interest in our specialized tax and accounting services for truckers. We know you are on the road and have limited time to spend on these important matters. Our Monthly Services Package takes the burden off of you.

We prepare your:

  • Monthly financial statement, which provides an analysis of how well you are doing as an owner/operator.
  • Federal and state quarterly income tax deposits
  • Individual federal and state income tax returns
  • Heavy Road Use (Form 2290)

We also offer you a toll-free number you can call to get your tax questions answered by one of our staff. Receive your new client registration package here.

What We Will Need From You Each Month

To prepare your financial statement and have the information we need to estimate your quarterly taxes and annual tax returns, we will need the following at the end of each month:

  • Receipts for expenses that you paid for in cash or with your personal credit card. You can learn more about the items you can deduct as expenses here.
  • Settlement statements from the company to which you were leased.
  • A check for the monthly accounting fee payable to “Truckers Accounting Service.” We must receive the check with this information to avoid delays in processing.

You may submit a summary of your expenses using the online form or you may choose to include it in your monthly expense envelopes that you provide to us. Please be sure and include the number of days you were out overnight for the month you are reporting.

Your summary and receipts will be returned to you each month along with additional Monthly Expense Envelopes for future use. Please keep your envelopes, receipts and log books for three years in the event the IRS wishes to audit your records.


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